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China supplier Powerful Transmission Parts Oam DSG 7-Speed Dq200 Auto Gearbox for VW Audi with Hot selling

Product Description

Product Description

Remanufactured DQ200 OAM OAM927769D DSG 7 Speed Auto Spare Parts Automatic Transmission Gearbox with 2 Clutch for VW Audi

Product Name 7 Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Gearbox
OE NO. OAM927769D
Applicable Car Audi A1, A3, VW CADDY, GOLF, JETTA, PASSAT, etc.
Type Automotive Spare Parts, Auto Transmission Parts
Warranty One Year
MOQ 1 pc
Remanufacturing Workshop Yes
Delivery Time within 15 Workdays

Detailed Photos

Main Products

Different kinds of products are available in our company, including auto transmission assembly and their components, such as gearbox,  clutch, valve body, valve, computer, electromechanical assembly, release bearing, shaft, flywheel, valve oil, oil seal, filter element, etc.

Applicable Brands

Supply a variety of auto parts for various brands of automobiles, like VW, Audi, Cadillac, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Zotye, etc.


Jinrui has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality automotive after-sales service experience through rigorous, efficient, and rellable business philosophy, technolopy, thoughtful services, and reliable products. in order to make customers more satisfied, we constantly pursue quality!

Company Profile

Our company is an integrated company specializing in the remanufacturing, TCU remanufacturing, and sales of automotive automatic
transmissions and their components. Our company covers an area ofover 3000 square CHINAMFG and has a modern production workshop as well as a mature technology research and development team and production team, providing a CHINAMFG force for product research and development, improvement, mass production and other links.

To ensure product quality, the company has introduced advanced domestic production equipment, main including electromagnetic valve testing machines, TCU assembly testing machines, TCU brush programming and other first-class equipment.

Technical Characteristics:
1. Conduct deep disassembly and cleaning of all components;
2. Replace commonly used vulnerable parts with new ones;
3. Upgrade and improve the existing quality defects;
4. Strictly inspect and calilbrate all components, and the testing standards have been verified by actual vehicles;
5. Provide comprehensive programming, and after-sales tracking services.

Why Choose Us:
1. Secondary development
2. Deep Repair
3. Surface Treatment
4. Cleaning and Repair
5. R&D and QC Team

Packaging & Shipping


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Application: Motor, Car
Function: Speed Changing
Layout: Three-Ring
Hardness: Soft Tooth Surface
Installation: Torque Arm Type
Step: Double-Step


Customized Request

China supplier Powerful Transmission Parts Oam DSG 7-Speed Dq200 Auto Gearbox for VW Audi   with Hot selling		China supplier Powerful Transmission Parts Oam DSG 7-Speed Dq200 Auto Gearbox for VW Audi   with Hot selling
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